Stories I See

Whether you look at me and my camera, or you're gazing at someone or something you love, I'm here to capture you right now. I want to capture a glimpse of who you are in this moment, so that not only will you have that memory, but so will generations that come after you.

*I've selected a few of my favorite sessions to get this page going, but have many more to add when the time comes. And so look forward to creating more and sharing in the future!


a creek house story

cousins at a creek house. playing, eating, playing more, exploring puddles after rain, and just loving on each other like they do every day.


a boat + beach story

we hopped on the family boat and scooted across the intracoastal to our own little slice of beach. focusing on each other all the way.


an aquarium visit story

fish, gators, cute tentacled and curly-tailed things, and one sweet boy exploring it all, with snuggles in between and among wind-swept trees.